Luxury yachts slide past swimmers cooling off in the blue waters of the Adriatic. Mountains in pastel greens and grays tower in the background. Tourists sip on Aperol Spritz and espressos, enjoying platters of shrimp, octopus and calamari.
It is an idyllic scene. Yet there is tension amid the splendor of Montenegro’s scenic Adriatic coast.
On Monday, the tiny Balkan nation is set to formalize its accession into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, becoming the military alliance’s 29th member. It is the first such NATO expansion in almost a decade, since Albania and Croatia joined in 2009, and it being met with strong domestic opposition and unbridled fury from Moscow, which has long enjoyed close ties with this nation of 620,000.
“This is bad for Montenegro,” said the manager of a luxury hotel in the resort town of Tivat, who declined to be named given the sensitivity of the issue, and was worried …