On a Monday afternoon in June 2015, Angela Cardinal was led into an Edmonton courtroom handcuffed and in leg shackles. Metallic rattling echoed as a sheriff escorted the 28-year-old to the witness stand.
She was not the accused, but rather a victim — called to testify at a preliminary hearing after she was savagely attacked and sexually assaulted by a notorious sexual predator.
Cardinal was angry about being locked up.
‘You’re going back to remand tonight so that we can get you back here tomorrow.’ – Provincial court Judge Raymond Bodnarek
“I’m the victim and look at me, I’m in shackles,” she told provincial court Judge Raymond Bodnarek.
“You’re going to go back to remand tonight,” he replied, “so that we can get you back here tomorrow.”
Cardinal’s fury increased.
“Shackles,” she spat. “Aren’t you supposed to commit a crime to go to jail?”
Cardinal was forced to spend a total of five nights in the Edmonton …