Brazilian police have arrested Rodrigo Rocha Loures, a former congressman and close friend of President Michel Temer.
Mr Rocha Loures was seen in a video released in May carrying a bag with 500,000 Brazilian reais ($154,000).
Prosecutors allege he was handling a bribe from a businessman who had been recorded discussing hush money with President Temer.
His arrest comes as part of a probe into alleged payments to politicians by the meat-packing company JBS.
President Temer has repeatedly denied any involvement in the bribery scandal, which threatens to engulf his administration. He said Mr Rocha Loures could be the victim of a trap.
The owners of J&F’s, the controlling shareholder of JBS, said under a plea bargain that they spent 600m reais ($184 m) to bribe nearly 1,900 politicians over a number of years.
One of them, Joesley Batista, also gave prosecutors an audio tape, leaked to the media, in which Mr …