A Belgian man has been charged with being a leader of the terror group that killed 130 people in Paris in 2015, Belgian officials said Friday.
The Belgian prosecutor’s office said that a man identified as Yassine A. was charged Wednesday with “terrorist assassinations” and of being “a leader in the activities of a terrorist group.”
Prosecutors said the suspect will be remanded in custody for one month, but declined to share any more information.
The attacks left 130 dead when militants targeted a concert hall, a stadium and restaurants and bars in the French capital. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.
Yassine A. is the brother of the supposed mastermind of the Paris plot, Oussama Atar, and the cousin of brothers Ibrahim and Khalid Bakraoui, who carried out attacks at a Brussels airport and subway station in March 2016, killing 32 people, according to …