The Prime Minister’s personal rating has turned negative for the first time in a ComRes poll – despite the Conservative Party’s lead of 12 points remaining unchanged since last week. 
While both Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party’s rating have improved, the Conservatives are up one point on 47 per cent. Labour are also up one, on 35 per cent, with the Liberal Democrats unchanged on 8 per cent and Ukip, also unchanged, on 4 per cent. The Greens have been squeezed, losing one point to stand at just 1 per cent. 
Theresa May is regarded favourably by 39 per cent, down two since the last time the Favourability Index was compiled in February, but now she is regarded unfavourably by 42 per cent, a rise of 10 points. The poll comes at the end of another week of an election campaign in which Ms May has been criticised for U-turns and for shying away from exposure. This …