Jeremy Corbyn has accused Theresa May of being “subservient” to Donald Trump after she remained silent over the Paris Agreement on climate change and only expressed her disappointment after the US President announced his decision to quit the accord.
The Labour leader’s remarks were echoed by the Green Party with co-leader Caroline Lucas condemning the Prime Minister for her “slow and timid” response and saying it was “another sign of her weakness”.
Ms May’s leadership qualities have come under scrutiny as Labour has closed a once seemingly unassailable gap in the polls. This was only exacerbated by her decision not to take part in the BBC leaders’ debate.
Mr Corbyn said the US withdrawal from Paris was “reckless and dangerous”.
“There can be no question of watering those commitments down – the Paris deal cannot be up for renegotiation,” he said, dismissing Mr Trump’s suggestion he might be able to do this.
And he criticised …