The chief executive of Goldman Sachs appears to have used his first ever tweet to slate Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement on climate change.
Lloyd Blankfein, who joined the social media platform in June 2011 but had up until now not tweeted, wrote: “Today’s decision is a setback for the environment and for the US’s leadership position in the world. #ParisAgreement”
By Friday morning it had been re-tweeted more than eight thousand times and had garnered in excess of 18,000 likes. He has around 12,200 followers.
Goldman Sachs has traditionally been cautious when commenting on political matters but in January Mr Blankfein became one of the first Wall Street executives to speak out against Mr Trump’s travel ban on people from seven majority Muslim countries.
In a voice message sent to employees at the time, Mr Blankfein said the firm could not support the policy.
He quoted from the Wall Street bank’s business …