BERLIN, GERMANY - MAY 27: Martin Schulz, chancellor candidate of the German Social Democrats (SPD) holds a speech with the topic "Fairness - Future - Europe. Mission to the SPD" on May 27, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Schulz defined the SPD mission ahead of federal elections in September. (Photo by Steffi Loos/Getty Images)

With electricity set to play a primary role in the decarbonization of Europe’s energy supply, the digitization of our assets, processes and operations is a key priority for the EU.
Germany’s challenger for the chancellorship, Martin Schulz, vowed Thursday to retaliate against U.S. President Donald Trump’s potential withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement by refusing to engage in transatlantic trade talks.
Referring to trade negotiations with the U.S., which ran until the end of last year but are now on ice, Schulz said it would be impossible to grant better market access to the U.S. if it did not respect climate protection rules.
“If the U.S. drops out of the climate agreement … for European trade policy, this means that American production sites don’t need to abide by the climate goals,” said the Social Democratic candidate, who was speaking at the WDR Europa Forum in Berlin. “That is a competitive distortion against which we can only protect …