Venezuela’s poor are turning on its president and clashing with pro-government militias
CARACAS, Venezuela — Late in the morning on Monday, April 24, protesters gathered on a patch of grass next to a pedestrian bridge in Altamira, in the eastern and wealthier half of Caracas. They were planning the latest march in a series of protests against the government of President Nicolás Maduro that have rocked the faltering country since March 20, when Venezuela’s highest court attempted to dissolve the national assembly in an effort to further weaken Maduro’s opponents.
Protestors like those gathered in Altamira have seized on Maduro’s latest show of autocracy and the country’s collapsing economy to mobilize a movement that now extends beyond the typically wealthy opposition leaders to those upon whose support Maduro and his United Socialist Party of Venezuela have long relied — the country’s poor.
Alirio Maldonado, a local leader for a …