A Scottish engineer has been awarded $1m after he revealed that a cruise liner was illegally dumping waste.
Christopher Keays, from Glasgow, turned whistleblower shortly after starting a new job on board the Caribbean Princess in 2013.
He discovered that a so-called “magic pipe” was being used to illegally pump oily waste into British waters.
His evidence led to US courts imposing a $40m penalty on Princess Cruise Liners.
The US Department of Justice said it was the largest ever fine for a crime involving deliberate vessel pollution.
Court papers reveal that Mr Keays was 27 when he took a post as a junior engineer onboard the 3,140-passenger Caribbean Princess.
It was his first job since graduating from the Glasgow College of Nautical Studies.
When he became aware of pollution issues, he secretly used his mobile phone to take photographs and record video footage of key equipment.
‘Blatant disregard’
“His concern and fear …