Ukip has insisted beekeepers will be exempt from a controversial proposal to ban the “wearing of face coverings” in public places in Britain.
It came as the party unveiled a string of predominately Islam-focused policies as part of Paul Nuttall’s “integration agenda” platform for the general election in six weeks’ time.
Introducing the event at the Marriot County Hall, Mr Nuttall said: “Today’s message will be a message of positivity, it will not be about negativity.”
“What we will say today is not designed to sow the seeds of division. It is about promoting integration in British society,” he added.
But when quizzed on the party’s proposal to “pass a law against the wearing of face coverings in public places” and whether it would apply to beekeepers, the party’s deputy leader Peter Whittle said it was a “ridiculous” suggestion and confirmed it would be focused on the burqa.
“Face coverings are a deliberate barrier to integration …