Topless Femen protesters caused chaos at the polling station where Marine Le Pen has cast her vote during the first round of the 2017 French elections.
Trouble started when women jumped out of a car just before Marine Le Pen voted at Hénin-Beaumont, in north-western France.
Police tried to subdue dozens of demonstrators who had “Team Marine” daubed across their bare chests. The women wore masks of Le Pen, US President Donald Trump and Russian president Putin.
Scuffles broke out as two topless women in Le Pen face masks chanted: “Marine, president”.
The feminist activist group recently posted on Facebook: “Nothing in Marine Le Pen’s programme promotes the emancipation of women. No proposal is made to further the equality of the sexes.”
Femen also attacked Le Pen’s refusal to wear a headscarf to meet a Sunni Muslim cleric from Lebanon as a “media stunt”.
Police made several arrests and led away the protestors in handcuffs. Police …