The list of Trump associates and supporters in trouble grows.
Tim Nolan, a former judge who now serves as a school board member in suburban Cincinnati, has been charged with with a series of child related sex crimes. The charges are felony human trafficking of a minor, felony inducing a minor to engage in sex and a third count of giving alcohol to a minor. The indictment was reported by River City News publisher Michael Monks.
The sex trafficking allegedly occurred in August 2016. During the times period in which he was serving as the chair of the Donald Trump campaign in Campbell County, KY. Nolan is no stranger to controversy either.
Nolan was previously appointed by Governor Matt Bevin to the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission. He was removed only days later when a scandal erupted over a Ku Klux Klan photo posted to Nolan’s Facebook. Interestingly, unlike Governor Bevin, the Trump …