File photo dated 06/05/16 of a person wearing a Ukip rosette, as the party is being investigated by Britain's elections watchdog over claims it breached party funding laws.

A Ukip candidate for Glasgow Council has said she would like to see the death penalty reintroduced and suggested the guillotine might be a better method of execution than hanging.
“It doesn’t necessarily have to be hanging”,  Gisela Allen  told  The Clydebank Post . “You could have the guillotine. I think the public is entitled to protection.”
The candidate, who standing for election in the Garscadden/Scotstounhill ward, added that  she wants to see nursery funding withdrawn entirely because women should stay at home and look after young children.
Ms Allen would also like to abolish golf courses, plastic bags, free bus passes, sex education in schools and the LGBT community.
Being gay was part of an individual’s “private life, none of anyone’s business”, according to Ms Allen, while golf courses were in her view “a threat to the safety of people”.
If the candidate was elected in Glasgow on 4 May, she would become the …