Canadian police have arrested 104 men in connection with a child prostitution ring in and around the Toronto area.
York Regional Police say the men attempted to purchase sex with an undercover officer, who posed as a girl between the ages of 13 and 16 online.
Police targeted men who searched for prostitutes online, but did not arrest men who were seeking sex with an adult.
In Canada, adults are allowed to sell sexual services, but it is illegal to buy sex.
“We stopped 104 men from purchasing 104 children,” Det Sgt Thai Truong said during a press conference on Friday.
The investigation, dubbed Project Raphael, lasted four years.
The goal of the undercover operation was to reduce demand for child prostitution by putting the men who seek it out behind bars, according to police. An undercover officer would engage with men looking to buy sex online, and then tell them that she was …