A prominent Russian journalist known for articles criticizing Russia’s government and President Vladimir Putin has died at a hospital in St. Petersburg after being severely beaten by unknown assailants.
Nikolai Andrushchenko, a 73-year-old co-founder of the weekly newspaper Novy Petersburg, had been unconscious since he was attacked on March 9.
Andrushchenko’s colleagues and his lawyer say he underwent brain surgery after the attack and initially had been connected to a ventilator, but later was able to breathe on his own.
However, they said he never regained consciousness and died on April 19.
His attackers have not been found.
Novy Petersburg editor Denis Usov linked the attack against Andrushchenko to articles that the newspaper has written about corruption in the city.
Those articles reported extensively on connections between St. Petersburg city officials and organized criminal syndicates.
Dunja Mijatovic, the representative for freedom of the press with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), said in a …