A newly-found planet is the best ever place to find aliens, scientists have announced.
The super-Earth named LHS1140b is the “most exciting exoplanet” seen in years and humanity could “hardly hope for a better target” to find aliens, according to the researchers who discovered it.
The planet is much ten times closer to its star than we are. But its own sun is a red dwarf, so it only receives about half as much sunlight and lies right in the middle of the habitable zone.
Although Mimas and Pandora, shown here, both orbit Saturn, they are very different moons. Pandora, “small” by moon standards (50 miles or 81 kilometers across) is elongated and irregular in shape. Mimas (246 miles or 396 kilometers across), a “medium-sized” moon, formed into a sphere due to self-gravity imposed by its higher mass
“This is the most exciting exoplanet I’ve seen in the past decade,” said lead author Jason …