An Isis flag, a wig and a mask have been found amid guns and homemade explosives at the home of two men suspected of planning an “imminent” terror attack during France’s presidential election.
Clément Baur and Mahiedine Merabet had pledged allegiance to Isis in a video intercepted by French and British intelligence services on 12 April.
It included footage of children killed in alleged coalition air strikes in Syria and Iraq and showed an Uzi submachine gun on a table, next to the front page of France’s Le Monde newspaper from March.
It was dedicated to Francois Fillon’s election campaign and is believed to be one of the factors leading investigators to believe the plot was timed for voting starting on Sunday.
Francois Molins, the Paris public prosecutor, would not confirm which candidate was targeted but confirmed the three frontrunners – Mr Fillon, Emmanuel Macron Marine Le Pen – had been alerted to the risk.
“Investigators managed …