The so called “hermit country”, North Korea is getting a lot of attention recently from the marijuana community. as again reports are coming out indicating North Korea is believed to be a cannabis haven for marijuana users.
Marijuana news providers like The High Times have reported that North Korean cannabis is legal, plentiful,  and overwhelmingly cheap. According to sources, Chinese tourists to this secretive country are hoarding up on bags of marijuana which only costs around $US3 for almost half a kilo. These are then being sold illegally in their home country.
However, this news circulating about the legality of marijuana in this secretive nation is a bit hazy. Apparently, its cultivation in the North is completely authorized but selling and smoking it is illegal. Marijuana users can face serious trouble in the North.
Locally in North Korea, marijuana is known as “Yeoksam”. As encouraged by the former leader, Kim Il Sung,it has been …