As polls were closed and vote counting has been continuing in Turkey’s historic referendum over shifting political system to an executive presidency with extreme and unchecked powers to already autocratic President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, widespread and systematic election frauds, violent incidents and scandalous steps taken by biased Supreme Board of Election (YSK) have marked and overshadowed the voting.
Over 55 million Turkish citizens voted across the country on Sunday in a historic referendum proposing constitutional changes. Citizens cast their ballots at 167,000 polling stations nationwide. Over 1 million of them are first-time voters who recently turned 18. Inmates — except for the criminals who are convicted for intentional crime — were also allowed to vote at 463 polling stations located inside state prisons.
Allegedly giving unofficial results, manipulative state-run Anadolu news agency calimed that 99.9 percent of the votes have been counted, leading to a “yes” win with a 51.34 percent majority. Prime …