When ISIS militants invaded the city of Mosul, Iraq, in 2014, they established a base at the Montazah al-Morour Zoo, which sits on the eastern side of the Tigris River. Of the approximately 40 animals that lived in the zoo, almost all have perished during ongoing fighting between ISIS and the Iraqi army. But after a daring rescue operation, Morgan Winsor reports for ABC News, a response team was recently able to evacuate the zoo’s last survivors: Lula the bear and Simba the lion.
Veterinarians affiliated with Four Paws International, an animal welfare organization, have transported Lula and Simba to a rehabilitation shelter in Amman, Jordan. The animals’ rescue marks the successful conclusion of a multi-stage mission that often seemed doomed to fail.
When the vets first entered the Montazah al-Morour Zoo in late February, they found the facility in a dire state. Nearly all of the animals that once lived there—among …