The US says it is sending dozens of troops to Somalia to train forces fighting Islamist group al-Shabab.
This is the first time regular US troops have been deployed in Somalia since 1994, although some counter-terrorism advisers are already there.
President Donald Trump last month approved a directive allowing tougher action against al-Shabab.
In 1993, 18 US special forces personnel were killed in the incident dramatised in the Hollywood film Black Hawk Down.
Who are Somalia’s al-Shabab?
The deaths, and the shooting down of two US helicopters in Mogadishu, shocked the US and the rest of its military personnel were withdrawn from Somalia shortly afterwards.
Hundreds of Somalis were also killed in the 15-hour battle sparked when US forces tried to capture close allies of warlord Mohammed Farah Aideed.
Since then, the US has restricted most of its activities in Somalia to drone and missile attacks against Islamist militants.
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