Two activists who voiced support on social media for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Occupy protests in 2014 have been sentenced to jail terms by a court in Guangdong, south China, on Friday.
Su was found guilty of “incitement to subvert state power” by the Foshan Intermediate Court and sentenced to three years imprisonment. She was also stripped of her political rights for three years.
“An extremely absurd verdict,” her lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan said on his Twitter account. “When announcing the judgement, they only read the prosecution’s allegations and the court’s decision, and didn’t mention the defence lawyer’s arguments. After the verdict, they didn’t ask Su Changlan whether she would appeal before banging the gavel and saying that the adjudication was over.”
Another activist Chen Qitang – a freelance writer – was sentenced to four years and six months for the same charge, in a closely related case. He took photos of the Occupy camp in Central and uploaded …