The number of American citizens turned away at the Canadian border has reportedly jumped significantly in recent years.
Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) figures obtained by Montreal newspaper La Presse suggest 31% more US citizens were turned away last year than 2015.
In 2016, 30,233 Americans were sent back at the boundary compared to 23,052 the year before.
The report comes amid concerns in Canada about travel to the US.
La Presse also reports that in 2014, just 7,509 US citizens were refused entry to Canada.
An immigration lawyer told the paper that the spike in people turned away was probably to due in part to the increased sharing of data and information, including criminal records, between Canada and the US.
The CBSA said in a statement that the numbers fluctuate from year-to-year and they “will not speculate as to reasons for the increase”.
Despite concerns in Canada about whether …