DERRY, NORTHERN IRELAND - JUNE 9: Sir John Major and Tony Blair (not pictured) share a platform as they attend a Remain campaign at the University of Ulster on June 9, 2016 in Derry, Northern Ireland. Former British Prime Ministers Sir John Major and Tony Blair travelled to Derry City in Northern Ireland warning that voting to leave the EU could "jeopardise the unity" of the UK. They suggested that it may cause Scotland to re-visit an independence referendum and put Northern Ireland's "future at risk". Both politicians were instrumental in bringing peace to the region. The Vote Leave campaign has said the idea that a Brexit could threaten the Northern Ireland Peace Process was irresponsible. (Photo by Brian Lawless-WPA Pool/Getty Images)

A United Kingdom outside the EU will become more reliant on the United States and upon a president “less predictable, less reliable and less attuned to our free market and socially liberal instincts than any of his predecessors,” former British prime minister John Major said Monday.
“Once we are out of the EU, our relationship with the United States will change. She needs a close ally inside the EU: Once outside, that can no longer be us,” Major said in a speech at Chatham House in London.
Major, who has become a leading voice in the campaign against the Brexit vote and late last year claimed there was a “perfectly credible” case for a second referendum, said the vote had done “great harm” to the EU and warned of a domino effect across Europe. He said Brexit had “energized the anti-EU, anti-immigrant nationalists” ahead of elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany this …