An Italian DJ who was left blind and tetraplegic following a car crash, has died by assisted suicide in Switzerland, as politicians in Rome delayed talks on a “living will” law for a third time.
Thirty-nine-year-old Fabiano Antoniani sustained the injuries in 2014.
Right-to-die activist and former MEP Marco Cappato accompanied him to the Swiss clinic.
He tweeted:
“Fabo died at 11.40. He chose to go by the rules of a country that is not his.”
In a later statement, Cappato told the press:
“On Monday morning (February 27), after a second medical examination, he confirmed his wish to die. He then used his mouth – one of the few movements he was able to perform by himself – to activate the substance that would send him to sleep within minutes then, without suffering, he died.”
Cappato could face five to 12 years in prison if found guilty of helping Antoniani to commit suicide.
In Italy, …