A five-year-old girl died of an asthma attack after being turned away by a GP because she arrived minutes late for her appointment.
Ellie-May Clark and her mother, from Newport, were told to return the next morning by Dr Joanne Rowe, a specialist in safeguarding children.
The little girl died five hours later, on 26 January 2015.
Dr Rowe, 53, who lives in Cardiff, declined to comment when contacted by the BBC.
The girl’s family is calling for a criminal inquiry into the doctor and said she should be struck off the GP register.
Dr Rowe was given a warning by the General Medical Council and has now moved to another practice.
Ellie-May’s grandmother, Brandi Clark, 43, said: “They were a few minutes late and Shanice [Ellie-May’s mother] even told the receptionist they wouldn’t be there on time.
“But Dr Rowe sent them away.
“Her decision cost our gorgeous little girl her life.
“Our lives have been …