India on Friday approved a $2.5 billion deal with Israel to develop medium range surface-to-air missiles for the Indian army, The Hindu reported.
The deal to build the missiles, reported to have a range of 50-70 kilometres, was approved during a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security, chaired by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the daily reported.
Five regiments, which consists of 40 units and 200 missiles, are to be developed under the deal.
As an Indian, I think this is too much. We may not consider as a bhakt but we are turning it now. We are searching any point that will show as right. But I think it is enough. World is doing many greater think but we are only showing off. We do lack of many things. Literacy, woman safety, sanitation and counting on. We are good at this military, power but we need to seriously reintrospect ourselves. I’m …