It’s hard being a criminal. Surveillance techniques and forensic science are constantly being improved and people are working full-time to destroy your livelihood. That’s why many criminals around the world probably celebrated when the cryptocurrency bitcoin was launched back in 2009.
With untraceable internet currency, crooks could finally enjoy the anonymity of cash without risking being caught red-handed out in the physical world. This beautifully idyllic criminal vision could have been the future, if it wasn’t for the damn meddling Danes.
It seems unlikely that bitcoin is the future of crime after Berlingske reported that the Danish police brought down drug traffickers by tracing bitcoin transactions.
In January this year, courts in the Danish city Herning, found the defendant in a narcotics case guilty and sentenced him to eight years of prison due to traced bitcoin transactions. This is the second case in Denmark where bitcoin-tracing evidence has played a major role in the …