Sweden’s King has stressed the need for “serious” media and source checking in the era of Donald Trump. 
Mr Trump also appeared to refer to an attack that had not happened and then claimed Sweden’s generous immigration policies were not working. 
During an interview with Sydsvenskan, King Gustaf said there were many positive developments in Sweden and it was important to challenge misconceptions. 
“Without media that works seriously and carries out good criticism of its sources, that doesn’t work,” he said, according to the Local.
“It is important to present the good examples. There are so many positive developments, and good Swedish research that we don’t even know about here in Sweden.
“In Malmö University, for example, a lot of good research is being conducted on integration issues.
“It may take a bit of time. It’s important not to give up. I’ve been doing it for more than forty years,” he added.
Sweden responded with confusion after …