An Amnesty International annual report, which was published on Wednesday, states that Israel unlawfully killed 110 Palestinians, including children in Israel and the West Bank in 2016. The report also claims that thousands of Palestinians were detained without trial by administrative orders.
Israel allegedly tortured Palestinian detainees and mistreated them, and those responsible for the serious infringement of rights got away with impunity, the report continues.
Furthermore, the report stated that Israel continued to promote illegal settlements in the West Bank while retroactively attempting to legalize them after they were built on private Palestinian land.
Conversely, the report did not spare its criticism from the Palestinian side, claiming that armed Palestinian groups in Gaza intermittently and indiscriminately fired rockets and mortars toward Israel, killing 16 Israelis and one foreign citizen.
The Palestinian government and the Hamas de facto government in Gaza did not seek to impose liability or punish those responsible for …