Police dismantling a marijuana plantation in Amsterdam. Photo: DutchNews.nl
A narrow majority of MPs on Tuesday backed new legislation which would regulate marijuana cultivation under government control.
The vote, by 77 to 72, would allow cannabis cafe owners to buy their produce from licenced growers who produce the marijuana in a closed system.
The bill, drawn up by D66 MP Vera Bergkamp, was backed by Labour, GroenLinks, the Socialists and pro-animal PvdD as well as all the splinter parties. The VVD, PVV and three Christian parties in parliament voted against.
Bergkamp hopes that introducing licenced marijuana production will remove the grey area between illegal cultivation and licenced cannabis cafes or coffee shops, where small amounts of marijuana can be bought for personal use.
Dozens of local councils in the Netherlands have endorsed a manifesto calling for the cultivation of cannabis to be legalised and regulated, and 25 have applied to the minister …