37% of Norway’s new cars are electric. They expect it to be 100% in just 8 years.
Trump’s policies may mean U.S. workers miss out on the electric vehicle revolution.
The global electric vehicle (EV) revolution reached another milestone last month as EVs made up 37 percent share of Norway’s car market.
Norway understands the future of ground transport is electric and has been pushing EVs harder than almost any other country in the world with incentives such as an exemption from the 25 percent VAT tax for new cars.
In December, the country hit 100,000 zero-emission EVs on the road, and they are projected to quadruple to 400,000 by 2020. These numbers are especially remarkable for a country of only 5.2 million people. Over five percent of all of Norway’s cars are EVs, up from one percent two years ago.
Norway’s transportation minister says it is “realistic” that sales of new fuel-burning cars could end …