Chess grandmaster Dorsa Derakhshani was banned by Iran for not wearing a hijab. Dorsa’s brother Borna was banned too, who was playing a chess match against Israel.
Dorsa, 18, is currently studying in Spain and had previously participated in the Gibraltar games independently. Her brother Borna, who is 15, had also registered in the games on his own.
In 2017, a ban like this in Iran may come as an accepted norm but the story hasn’t been the same always.
Tables were turned after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 or called as the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran.
This is how women in Iran dressed up like in 1970s.
Dorsa is a member of the Iranian Women’s National Chess Team. She is also the sixth world champion in under-18 games. Well, that never mattered compared to donning a particular attire. She got banned for not covering her hair at the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival.
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