In a news briefing Monday morning, retired policeman Arturo Lascanas backed up 2016 allegations made by former hitman Edgar Matobato, including claims of a 300-member execution squad run out of the southern city of Davao.
Lascanas gave testimony last year in a Senate probe in which he denied being a member of the squad and of having a close relationship with Duterte.
Retired Davao Senior Superintendent Dionisio Abude during the same inquiry denied the existence of death squads.
At the news conference, Lascanas said Monday he was confessing in an effort “to follow God’s will … and love for my country and for my own conscience.” The event was organized by opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.
Lascanas said the squad had undertaken many killings and other criminal actions, either at the orders of Duterte or his associates. Duterte served as mayor of Davao for 10 years starting in 1988, then again from 2001 …