Debris from the light aircraft crash, which claimed five lives, fell onto and around the road after the plane crashed into the roof of a shopping centre.
Several tributes have been posted for pilot Max Quartermain, who was at the helm of the twin-engine plane that smashed into a DFO outlet at Essendon Airport.
Mr Quartermain, 63, was hailed as a “champion bloke” and a “fine pilot” by friends and colleagues, who were shocked by his tragic death. 
“We feel the loss of part of the family very deeply. Max was one of the Essendon family, and we’re sad and we miss him,” said Mike Falls senior, managing director and chief pilot at Shortstop Jet Charter.
Mr Quartermain and his wife Cilla are the owners of charter company Corporate and Leisure Aviation, which had arranged the trip to King Island for four people believed to be from the United States. All four passengers were killed in the …