Pamphlets accusing “Jewish terrorists trained by Israeli Zionists” of orchestrating last month’s deadly shooting at a Montreal mosque were distributed across Canada’s Western University this week, the campus newspaper The Gazette reported.
The booklets called for “all Zionists in Canada to be tried as terrorists and all members to be put in jail,” after the Jan. 29 attack on the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec City — carried out by 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette — which left six people dead and 19 others wounded. They were  signed by a group calling itself the “Canadian National Independence Party,” an Internet search for which yielded no results.
The University Students’ Council (USC) condemned the  “incredibly prejudiced” pamphlet, saying it “directly attacks our Jewish community on campus” and “strongly promotes violence.”
“Free speech is incredibly important, especially at a learning institution…However, hate speech is not free speech as it is violent, targeting, marginalizing and unacceptable. Attacks like …