Parisian police have allegedly started ordering volunteers to stop giving out food and drink to refugees in certain parts of the French capital and handing out on the spot fines to organisations with no forewarning of the so-called “ban”.
Laurence Ariste, a teacher and volunteer with Solidarité Migrants Wilson, told The Independent that officers had told them to move on from a registration centre in the central area of Porte de La Chappelle.
They had been distributing food and drink to homeless refugees, she said.
“There were two police officers, and I greeted one of them, because we usually signal to police to see where we can set up,” she added. “The first one said of course we could, but the other one said ‘wait’ and took out a document. He wouldn’t show it to us but he read it to me and it said that it was forbidden to distribute food and drink in the prescribed areas, which are basically all of …