Domestic helper kept prisoner, unpaid for nearly a decade
Nine years trapped in an abusive household without pay might sound like a nightmare, but it was all too real for one domestic helper working in Kuwait. Nena, not her real name, worked for a Kuwaiti family for more than nine years without receiving her salary. She’s now patiently awaiting the resolution of her case, which is being heard by a Kuwaiti court.
Speaking to the Kuwait Times, Nena, 35, said given she had already spent nine long years in Kuwait without salary, a few more years to reach a resolution was not an issue.  Nena’s ordeal reached its lowest point when her family thought she was dead after several years of her being unable to communicate with them.
There are more than 600,000 domestic helpers in Kuwait. While the majority are treated fairly, thousands more face regular abuse, unpaid salaries, harsh working …