Feb. 8 (UPI) — The Turkish government fired 4,464 public servants, including teachers and police personnel, because of suspected ties to alleged terrorists.
The government announced the latest crackdown in a decree Tuesday.
According to a notice in the Official Gazette, the detainees are linked to what the Turkish government classifies as a terror group called the Fethullah Terrorist Organization. They are allegedly inspired by Fethullah Gulen, an imam the Turkish government blames for inspiring an attempted coup on July 15.
The firings included 2,585 Education Ministry staff, 893 from the gendarmerie forces, 417 from the General Security Directorate, 49 from the Interior Ministry and 520 from other ministries.
Dismissed was ?brahim Kabo?lu, a prominent Constitution professor who opposed recent changes to the Constitution that gave Recep Tayyip Erdogan greater executive powers.
The government’s decree also included the firing of court clerks, computer experts and librarians.
The current government has removed or suspended more than 125,000 …