Iran has conducted another missile test, just days after the US slapped new sanctions on the country for launching a mid-range ballistic missile last month, US media reports. 
A defensive surface-to-air (Sam) rocket was launched from Semnan in central Iran on Wednesday, both CNN and Fox News reported US officials as saying.
Last week US President Donald Trump’s administration published a list of 13 Iranian individuals and 12 entities facing new sanctions after it emerged that Iran had tested what it said was a non-nuclear ballistic missile. He had warned in a message on his Twitter account that the country was “playing with fire.” 
“The Islamic Republic of Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism and engages in, and supports, violent activities that destabilise the Middle East,” US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said in an accompanying statement.
“That behaviour seems continuous despite the very favourable [nuclear] deal given to Iran by the …