Leon Itkin, who was in the sewing shop when the assailant entered said the man tried to shoot people in the room but was stopped by civilians. “I was in the store when suddenly there’s a terrorist with a weapon. He tried to shoot, but he was stopped,” Itkin reportedly said. Itkin added that the attacker then grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed one of the men who was attempting to control him.
United Hatzalah EMT Zev Topper stated that one of the patients treated had been beaten by passersby who mistook him for the assailant. The patient said that he screamed “I am not the terrorist I was chasing the terrorist. If I die, I die protecting the State of Israel.”
Gal Dover, a paramedic with United Hatzalah who responded to the incident said, “As I was treating a woman for gunshot injuries …