An explosion took place around 10 am in the nuclear power plant in Flamanville, in the English Channel. The explosion took place “outside the nuclear zone” and without causing serious injuries, according to the prefecture which ensures the “absence of any nuclear risk”. “The incident is over,” adds the prefecture.
“It is a significant technical event but it is not a nuclear accident” because the explosion occurred “outside the nuclear zone”, told AFP Olivier Marmion, director of the prefect’s office, Saying relief was on-site. “Today, at 9:40 am, a fire start causing a detonation occurred in the engine room of Unit 1 of the Flamanville nuclear power plant, in a non-nuclear zone,” writes EDF in a statement. “Firefighting was immediately controlled by the plant’s teams,” he added. “In accordance with our procedures, firefighters went to the scene and confirmed the absence of fire.”
“Five people have been slightly …