A top ISIS security commander was killed on Saturday in a rocket shelling northeast of Baqubah, according to a security source in Diyala.
Alsumaria reported that Abu Mohamed al-Iraqi, an ISIS commander in charge of security at the militants’ living quarters in Hamreen Basin, was killed along with a companion in a rocket shelling by Al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) on Friday at Wadi al-Thalab region.
Al-Iraqi had recently moved to Hamreen Basin to supervise security at the militant group’s living quarters. Originally a citizen of al-Shirqat town, he is a third-tier leader, an unknown source told Alsumaria.
Iraqi forces have been actively fighting ISIS militants across the country. The terrorist group has emerged in 2014 in Iraq.
Backed by Peshmerga forces, the army has …