A senior commander with pro-Russian rebel forces in eastern Ukraine has been killed in a car bomb attack in Luhansk, rebels say.
Oleg Anashchenko, military chief of Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), was reported to have died instantly.
The incident was described by rebel spokesman Andrey Marochko as an “act of terrorism”.
It follows the bloodiest week of clashes between Ukrainian troops and Russian-backed insurgents since 2015.
Mr Marochko said “Ukrainian secret services” were suspected of being behind the attack, which he said was aimed at “destabilising the Republic”.
“We will track down the perpetrators of this monstrous act and they will receive the appropriate punishment,” he said.
Officials in Kiev have denied any involvement in Saturday’s bomb attack.
This week has seen an escalation in the violence in rebel-held eastern Ukraine, with a number of attacks that have reportedly left at least 35 people dead. There are fears that the actual death toll could be …