The Romanian government says it will withdraw a controversial decree that would have decriminalised some corruption offences.
Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said it would be repealed on Sunday.
“I do not want to divide Romania. It can’t be divided in two,” Mr Grindeanu said in a televised statement.
Tens of thousands of Romanians have been holding daily protests against the decree, which would have seen convicted officials released from prison.
Mr Grindeanu spoke after protesters marched through Bucharest, the capital, on Saturday, in a fifth consecutive day of demonstrations. They formed a human chain around the Palace of the Parliament.
The protests in the eastern European country have been the largest since the fall of communism in 1989.
The decree was meant to come into force at midnight on 10 February.
It would have decriminalised abuse of power offences when sums of less than €44,000 (£38,000; $47,500) are involved.
One immediate beneficiary would have been Liviu Dragnea, who …