Companies who financed paramilitary death squads in Colombia’s banana growing region, including Chiquita’s subsidiary, will face charges for crimes against humanity, the Prosecutor General’s Office said Thursday.
The prosecution decision is unprecedented as never before have private enterprises been charged with crimes against humanity.
The charges will be brought before the transitional justice system that seeks justice for the 8 million victims of Colombia’s 52-year war, the majority of whom fell victim to paramilitary groups financed and supported by politicians and businesses.
The banana companies that operated in the northwestern region of Uraba are either accused, or in the case of Chiquita convicted, for financing the “Banana Block” of paramilitary umbrella organization AUC that killed thousands of Colombians.
The phenomenon of ties between national and multinational corporations and the AUC, a determined terrorist organization at one time, has since become known as “para-economics.”
The banana companies, as it seems, contributed an important sum of money for the sustenance of the paramilitary …