Fourteen people injured in explosion in Sydney CBD
Seven people, including a mother and child, have been injured in an explosion in Sydney’s CBD.
There are unconfirmed reports a mother and child are among the injured and the smell of gas was in the air.
The explosion occurred in the loading dock of a food court at 7.30pm on the corner of Sussex and Little Hay streets in Haymarket, a NSW Fire and Rescue spokesperson said.
A gas leak from the mains is said to have caused the blast that blew out the loading dock door.
Two children and 12 adults were treated for injuries including lacerations.
Four people have been transported to hospital.
The food court above the loading dock was evacuated of about 100 people, the spokesman said.
The building’s sprinkler system activated and the fire did not spread to any neighbouring properties.
The blast was caused by a leak from the gas main, the …