A Canadian police force is threatening festive drink-drivers with a cruel and unusual punishment: forcing them to listen to local band Nickelback.
Kensington Police Service, which looks after the residents of Prince Edward Island, will be handing out fines and criminal charges as usual.
But it seems it is the possibility of having to listen to Nickelback which has really upset the locals.
“Doesn’t torture go against the Geneva Convention?” asked one on Facebook.
In recent years, the band has become a source of ridicule and hatred on the web – something the Kensington Police Service were apparently all too aware of when posting their annual advice to assign a designated driver before going out for the evening.
However, conscious not everyone would heed the law, officers warned they would be out “looking for those dumb enough to feel they can drink and drive”.
Writing on Facebook, they continued: “And when we catch you, and …