Police would not say how many shots they fired at the 35-year-old but according to local news source Fædrelandsvennen numerous empty cartridges were found at the site.
Police received tip-offs from members of the public about an armed man who was displaying threatening behaviour. Responding officers made the decision to arm themselves and said that the 35-year-old fired on them upon arrival. 
“During a period of 17 to 18 minutes there were several contacts made between police patrols and the suspect. On one of these occasions he shot at police,” Agder police spokesman Bård Austad said at a Sunday press conference. 
Austad said that the responding officers considered their lives in danger and shot the suspect. The two involved policeman will not be suspended and the case is being treated as the attempted murder of police officers. 
“Our responsibility is to ascertain the background of the incident and to …